North East Tennessee Home Education Association

Graduation Application Form:

2020 Graduation Application

Please read through this information thoroughly. All parents and students of the graduating class organize the NETHEA graduation. Your graduation ceremony is dependent on your contributions!

Graduation Ceremony:
May 16, 2020
10:30 AM
Celebration Church, Blountville, TN

Early Discount Deadline: 
Postmarked by October 31, 2019

Application Fee $85.00
Due November 20, 2019


o NETHEA 2020 Graduation Coordinator

o Parent Coordinator- Ellen West, 423-502-2168

o Team Leaders – YOU!

Steps to Completing Graduation Application:

1. Complete NETHEA Membership: All families who wish to graduate with NETHEA must be a current member of NETHEA. Complete the registration process at:

2. Complete Graduation Application: An application form must be completed and signed for each graduating senior.
a. Download the Graduation Application Form. You can fill this out and print it. The form can be saved to your computer.

b. Choose Team you will be serving on. Please see Additional Graduation Information for descriptions of the teams.

c. Graduation Application Deadline is November 20, 2019 for the May 16, 2020 graduation

3. Send in Application and payment:
a. Make check payable to NETHEA Graduation.
b. Send to: Krista Billings, 149 Smith Ln Church Hill TN 37642

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