North East Tennessee Home Education Association

Annual NETHEA Curriculum Sale

Guidelines for Vendors

Temple Baptist Church

2200 Memorial Ct 

Kingsport, TN  37664

June 4, 2022

Please read this section carefully if you want to sell books!

Drop-off will be on June 3, 2022, between 12:00 and 3:00 pm at the church's gym.


Sale will be held on June 4, 2022, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the church's gym. 

. *Consignors with 25+ items will shop at 9 a.m.*


Pick-Up will be at 5:30 pm on June 4, 2022., at the church's gym. *

  *Any items not picked up by 6:00 pm will be donated*


Each year NETHEA serves homeschool families through this used curriculum sale.  Thousands of homeschool books, curriculum and other educational products are sold on the day of the sale. We invite you to participate in this exceptional event that meets the needs of so many home educators in our area. However, we do not allow re-sellers to participate in this event, it is meant to assist individual homeschool families.

At drop off, sellers will complete an agreement form with personal seller code and contact information. Upon sales disbursement, seller will receive monies for items sold minus 5% surcharge. Fees are 5% for sellers and 5% for buyers.  This money helps NETHEA pay for building rental, tables, and other expenses.  This year we will be charging a $3.00 non-refundable, registration fee.  The software that we used last year and will be using again this year charges NETHEA for using their service.

If you would like to register to sell your homeschool books and supplies please visit the registration page: Consignor Homepage


Please make a master list for yourself to help you know which books sold.

Tables will be arranged according to subject and grade level. Sellers are responsible for placing their own items on the appropriate tables at the time of drop off. Sellers may then leave an empty box under the table to accommodate any unsold items.


DISCLAIMER: NETHEA does not accept responsibility for the content of the material sold. No Rated R movies will be placed for sale. If we determine that material is clearly offensive or in opposition to Christian values, then the material will be removed from display and returned to the owner. NETHEA and curriculum volunteers do not accept responsibility for any lost or damaged items or for items not picked up by the designated time.


Additional Information


Please remember to respect the scheduled dates and times for bringing and picking up books.

There will be no holds on any books and no one will be allowed to bring books into the sale on Saturday.


If you have curriculum that you would like to give away:  If a resource (coloring book, student book...) has more than 25% writing in the book, please dispose of the book.  No musty smelling books, broken toys...  At the end of the sale our volunteers have to remove these items from the sale site. Please refrain from putting items into the free section just to dispose of them.  Consider items that you would like to find in the free section for your own family.  Our purpose and goal for the curriculum sale and the free section is to help and bless families!!!



Pick up and Sales Disbursement-


Sellers must pick up unsold items on Saturday afternoon, 5:30PM


Following the sale, sellers must reclaim all unsold items by personal code and have a volunteer double-check codes to items at the checkout table. You may allow someone else to pick up your books for you, or you may donate your leftover books (or any portion of them). These will be distributed for FREE to families who can use them.  Sales will then be tallied, a 5% surcharge on items sold will be determined, and a check will be mailed to the seller for the amount sold minus the 5% surcharge. This fee is collected to cover set up supply costs and facility fees. 



After 6:00 PM, any items left unclaimed will be disposed of, as NETHEA deems appropriate. No exceptions.


All checks will be mailed the following week. (We take out 50 cents for the stamp and envelope.) You will receive an email when checks have been mailed. Please cash all checks within 60 days.

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