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*Labels used before the June 2012 sale will not be used*

Sellers are responsible for placing items on tables where they belong.  Volunteers are happy to direct you in the correct location but they are not unloading boxes.


Everything must be brought to the sale site already properly labeled. Please use Avery address labels #58160 that are Repositionable.  They are available at these local retailers. 

Office Depot

Office Max

If you don't need an entire box you may consider splitting a box with a friend.  You can also use them again for next years sale!

These labels will work with the format for our scanning system.  The labels will also allow buyers to later safely remove the labels from their books. 

If you have an issue while printing labels, make sure to set SCALING = NONE in Adobe. For many this is the default, but for some reason it does not default that way for all. When scaling is set to NONE, adobe prints the page exactly as MSM has given it. When scaling is set to something other than NONE, then the page gets scaled and barcodes can start scrolling off the labels when they are printed.


1) Once you have your labels printed, all you have to do is stick one label on the FRONT -TOP -RIGHT- CORNER of each item.

2) Please do not devalue an item by using permanent labels.

3) Please do not price anything below 50 cents. If you have an item that is not worth at least 50 cents, just put it in the free pile OR put several smaller items together in a Ziploc-type bag and price the items accordingly.


4) Small parts, several small books, or anything with more than one manual should be placed together in large Ziploc-type bags. (We will have large Ziploc bags available for purchase the day of the sale if you do not want to purchase a whole box.) Do NOT wrap books together with rubber bands as these tend to break, get lost, etc. Put these items in Ziploc bags and put your label on the front of the bag. Write on the front “Set of 5 books” or “Set of skeleton bones,” etc. so that it will be easier to identify what is in the bag. If there are several books in one bag (such as teacher’s manuals, etc.), you should also label the books as “1 of 3” etc. The price should ONLY be on the front of the bag for these types of items! Yes, you are welcome to bundle things together in a plastic tote if that works better for you.


5) If you are reselling items you purchased at the book sale last year, make sure you pull the old sticker off and replace with your own sticker.



Pricing Suggestions


Seller is responsible for determining the price of the material. You know what you paid for your resources and what you would like to get for them. Use your good judgment. If you mark items too high, they are not going to sell and you'll be stuck with them at the end of the sale. If you have a bunch of items that are priced slightly lower, you'll probably sell more and not take home a bunch of leftovers. Ask a fair price and your items will sell.


Bought new and current edition in good condition: 33% - 50% off original price

Bought new and never used: 25% - 33% off original price

Bought used: 33% - 50% off used price

Earlier editions that are still usable and in good condition: 67% - 75% off original price


Ultimately, the pricing decision is yours


NOTE: Usually “New Edition” means the publisher has changed the cover or the arrangement of the material. Most of the time, the content of newer editions has changed slightly from previous editions or remains the same entirely. Most older editions are still excellent purchases. You can get good bargains by looking for older editions.


(SUGGESTION for future reference: Using a pencil, indicate the price paid for each book in the front inside cover.)


Free Items

 If you have curriculum that you would like to give away, please place in the FREE section. If a resource (coloring book, student book...) has more than 20% writing in the book, please dispose of the book. No musty smelling books, broken toys... At the end of the sale our volunteers have to remove these items from the sale site. Please refrain from putting items into the free section just to dispose of them. Consider items that you would like to find in the free section for your own family. Our purpose and goal for the curriculum sale and the free section is to help and bless families!!!


All checks will be mailed the following week. (We take out 50 cents for the stamp and envelope.) You will receive an email when checks have been mailed. Please cash all checks within 60 days.

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