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Home School Missions is an organization that organizes mission trips locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Below is a quote (a typical quote) from a student who attended one of the trips. 

The last trip to New Mexico was the most incredible experience of my life. That's when God became so real to me, and I just had no doubt that the "normal" way of life, was just...anything but normal! If that even makes sense. But ever since then, even with all the downs in life... there has never been another doubt in my mind about the fact that God is MY Father, and He wants a personal, intimate relationship with me! unsolicited comment from someone who enjoyed a recent mission with us

If you are a member of NETHEA, you have helped lives through Home School Missions.  For a better understanding of Home School Missions, please visit our website at


So what exactly has HSM been doing?  Just in the last 90 days, we’ve helped a family, who was on the verge of being homeless due to an illness in the family, to get back on their feet and in a home.  If you can imagine a family, who has never been even close to being homeless, finding themselves in that position, only to have your HSM team help them…lots of tears shed, lots of hugs, and lots of prayers.  I praise God for the people who have answered His call to help.

Additionally, we’ve helped multiple families over the summer with food, clothing, and more.  While we’ve not enjoyed trips to help families, God has been providing the necessary resources for HSM to assist families through tumultuous times.

  What’s Next?  

Memphis in December

We are planning a trip to Memphis the week of December 15-20.  We plan on leaving after church on Sunday, December 15th and will return on Friday evening, December 20th.

Our ideas are to go back to the inner city of Memphis, help some families with whatever they need in the form of work on their homes, have prayer walks through some neighborhoods, and minister to the kids we’ve befriended on previous trips via VBS or whatever God has in store. The cost of the trip will be approximately $275 but as always, if you are supposed to go and don’t have $275, no worries.  Once I receive a list of the interested people, I’ll be in touch with a meeting to go over details.

If you have interest in going, please email me so I can gauge interest and finalize plans.

Guatemala, July 13-19, 2014

Located in remote areas of Guatemala, there is an organization that goes into the ‘hills’ to rescue babies who are about to literally die.  They bring the babies back to their organization, nurse the babies back to health, and go from there.  We’ll spend a week helping in the clinic, their orphanage, and more.  I realize this is very early, but I wanted you to be praying about your involvement. 

The cost including food, lodging, airport transfers, souvenirs, & everything will be around $1300 per person plus airfare, which has yet to be determined.  Most likely the trip will be around $2000. Also included in the $1300 is enough funding to pay for the rescue of two babies. 

If you have interest, please email me @  Having interest doesn’t commit you to going, but rather means you have a lot of interest, would probably like to go, but would like to come to a meeting for more information.  Our first actual meeting will be in January.

Obviously, you’ll hear more about this as the year progresses.

Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia

We will be planning at least two weekend events in November and December where we’ll help families locally.  We don’t have all the details in place, but I’ll be in touch as we get closer.  To give you an idea, in the past, we’ve built wheelchair ramps, put on roofs, painted, and more.  Generally the cost is either nothing or if you feel led, give whatever you want to give toward the project. 

New Mexico 2014?

Please be praying about a trip to New Mexico to the Indian Reservation for 2014.  Assuming after a lot of prayer God is sending us, our thoughts would be to help our missionary friends however they need our help.  As many of you may remember, we’ve been blessed abundantly by previous trips to New Mexico.  The cost of this trip will be approximately $650 and no dates have been set. 

If this is something in which you have interest, please email me at

15 Passenger Van

We are in need of a 15 passenger van and have a fund started to obtain one.  As you can imagine, the fund isn’t even to the level to buy tires for the van.  We typically rent vans from Enterprise and have spent so much money on van rentals that we could have purchased a couple of vans by now. Your prayers in this area for God to provide a van are appreciated.

A little about HSM

As many of you know, HSM came into existence miraculously via God’s working through many people.  Simply put, if God sends us, we go. If He doesn’t send us, we won’t go.  We have no preconceived agenda, annual trips or anything.  It really is as simple as this: “If God wants us to go, we go.”

Over the years, we’ve taken people on mission trips that are locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  HSM is an official 501c3 nonprofit organization so all donations tax friendly to your personal tax return.  We’ve been blessed in that HSM has no overhead so all the money that finds its way to HSM goes directly to help someone.  For more information, go to


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